Thursday, October 04, 2012

Funny how.

After 3 months of hard work on THE Benefit (in which I have yet to touch on), all I thought about was *refer to now irrelevant post below*.

Anyway, THE Benefit was amazing. It was so momentous for me, I don't quite know how to put it down in words. Or at least not in so little words.

There will be pictures and videos (later), so maybe we'll leave it to that.

Support from my family.

Support from my team.

Support from my friends.

Support from the public (read: superstars! :D)


But I must say, it was great working on it with such a brilliant support group. And it's kind of self-fueling/inspiring, seeing a mere idea come to life. I still see it all in my head, it repeating itself,

0. Thinking about it
1. Asking Yong Sze whether she'd be interested in organizing a benefit
2. RESEARCH via internet and face to face consultation
---ROAD BLOCK 1---
2. Our fundraising proposal to MERCY Malaysia
3. Scouting for venues
---ROAD BLOCK 2---
3. Firing out recruitment posters
3. Interviewing team candidates
3. Checking for legalities/taxation
---ROAD BLOCK 3---
3. Recruiting a team (of now 18)
3. Setting up virtual workstation 
3. First team meeting
4. Coming up with a theme
4. Coming up with a logo
4. Coming up with lab ideas
---ROAD BLOCK 4---
4. Finding out about stage management
4. Setting up financing/donating system
---ROAD BLOCK 5---
4. Getting funds
---ROAD BLOCK 6---
4. Setting up websites etc
4. Setting up brilliant QR ticketing system
5. Getting performers
6. Getting media involvement
7. Getting sound and lights
---ROAD BLOCK 7---
7. Getting logistic requirements
7. Getting more performers
---ROAD BLOCK 8---
7. Confirming line up
7. Getting more funds
---ROAD BLOCK 9---
7. Getting more people in the team
8. Getting videographers
---ROAD BLOCK 10---
9. Getting photographers
10. Getting volunteers
11. "Selling" passes
---ROAD BLOCK 11 12 13 14 15---
12. Physical marketing (which needs to be done earlier FMI)
13. Marketing premiums
14. Confirming programme schedule-
--ROAD BLOCK 16---
15. Confirming technical schedule
15. Massive working together
15. Running rehearsals

Don't even get me started on show time. And post-event accounting chaos. And I probably missed out shit loads.

Mum wasn't happy cause I barely saw her haha. Was working with the laptop almost all the time. She says if I put in the same kind of effort in my (non-existent) studies, I'd top the class. Cause I'm not exactly stupid. HAHA.

No but really, where do I get this drive?

The drive to put in the extra hour even if it's past 5 AM?
The drive to make me forget my tiredness?
The drive to make me want to get things done?
The drive to go all out and being uber resourceful?
The drive to be punctual?
The drive to find out more?
The drive to be proactive?
The drive to be inquisitive?
The drive to focus and listen?
The drive to deal with crap with a smile?

Guess you and I both have to stick around to find out!

Till then,
I'll be Paying It Forward! (Totally unrelated but you should too!) :)

Oops. Tried to link it but our website subscription is up. 

It's basically... like when someone does smth for you, you don't pay it back, but rather forward and to 3 different people. That way it spreads like wild fire oops I mean love. :D

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